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Positions and Tuning

The megastaff gives 41 discrete positions per octave, where each position represents a Comma zone spanning 29.3 cents, corresponding to a tuning of 41 Tone Equal Temperament, 41ET.

Inflections are used to subdivide each Comma zone into five JND subzones of 5.9 cents each. Notes thus represent tones to within ± 2.9 cents tuning accuracy. Stated another way, by using five conventional inflection symbols (natural, sharp, flat, double sharp and double flat) per position, the notation corresponds to a tuning of 205 Tone Equal Temperament, 205ET. This is the default JND master tuning of the Tonal Plexus keyboard, so that every key of a Tonal Plexus corresponds to a unique note in this notation system. The instrument and notation together correspond to the average limits of human pitch perception.

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